2016 Newest HD Car Dash Camera Camcorder with Built-in GPS, G-sensor, Loop Recording and Motion Detection

Dashcams can provide video evidence in the event of an accident that happened on the road. They have become much more popular, and there is a huge variety of devices on the market already in recent years. Camcorders from Aoni can be the helpful car video record devices.


The car camera with gps is integral device for vehicles running on the road. If you have
ever been accused of a traffic violation you did not commit, then you may need
a driving video recorder to show the truth as an evidence. A great thing is
that Aoni D308 HD car DVR is providing a high quality for you to choose.

Aoni’s new HD GPS alarm car dash camera has powerful features that keep your
driving safe. The GPS feature offers real-time record of the driving route.
When given playback of the recorded video on computer, the driven route, the
longitude & latitude could be displayed on the interface clearly. Here are the
main functions of the GPS car camera DVR.

Not only does it capture your on-track moments but it will protect you
after you leave the track as well. You don’t have to worry about turning them
on/hitting record and they’re small enough to not get in the way. Features like
built-in GPS, parking mode and motion detection help to enhance the D308’s



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