Aoni has developed the newest handsfree stereo sport bluetooth earphones – B027. Check it out.

Born for music; make you enjoy the ethereal sound
Professional headphone tuners test for building the HI-FI sound quality Bluetooth headphones.

Meticulous ergonomic structure design, stability principle of triangle
Hundreds of times of tests, designed according to the ergonomics and morphology and structure of cochlea, very comfortable without any constriction feeling with long-time wearing


Born for sport, mixture of passion and music, your perfect sport bluetooth earphones choice
Mixture of beautiful sound and wearing comfort; Evergreen music, endless passion, what are you waiting for?

Won’t let sweat break the tempos of the movement
Sweat proof and anticorrosive structure designed by professional structural engineers; free you from the concerns about the sweat during your workout.


Interpret the sound “Crisp Treble, Fruity Mediant,Solid Bass”
Full of flexible sense, make you feel the original power and astonishing quality of the sound

Fashionable appearance, symbol of taste and enjoyment
Adopt the Aluminum alloy material meticulously, make you enjoy the magnificent color.

Greetings from the bottom of the heart; hear the breath sounds clearly
The HD voice communication of the Bluetooth earphones allows you to hear the clear voice even in a noisy environment.

double cell, 1.5 hrs of charging time •playing time for over 8 hrs •talking time for over 7 hrs •standby time for 5000 hrs



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